Why Men Need to Submit too


Last time I tackled the ladies on the matter of submission, but shouldn’t husbands have to submit too? The answer is yes. Men must submit to a greater authority than themselves, God.

I married my husband, not because he is perfect (although he’s pretty awesome) but because I could see where he was growing in his submission to God’s authority in his life and he continues to grow. It’s awesome to watch. A man who submits to God is easy to submit to. The head of a real man is God and as he submits to God, God teaches him how to love.

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on try

The Bible does encourage men, in Ephesians 5:25 to love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it. Yes, this complicated creature, God has called you to love. But how? “Women are complex creatures” “ I can’t understand my wife, she is so confusing”. As a woman I can tell you sometimes we don’t understand ourselves either but this is all a part of the beauty and complexity of being male and female.

Submitting to God’s authority will help you learn to love and be patient with this complex specimen called, woman.  What can a husband do to make his wife feel loved?

  1. Study her. Just like science, once you’ve studied and understood it then it’s not so hard.
  2. Learn the things she appreciates and do them often and genuinely. Help her with the things she appreciates help with.
  3. Be kind to her with your words and actions
  4. Listen to her with your ears and with your mind not in an effort to solve the problem but to just be there for her and validate her feelings. Women often don’t need you to be quick to offer solutions but just to listen, to encourage, to validate and cuddle.
  5. Cuddling is great.
  6. Be affectionate. Show your affection with your words, a hug, a touch or a kiss. Tell her you love her every single day.
  7. Spoil her rotten (Secret: She’ll spoil you back)

Now which woman would find it hard to submit to a man like that? All that you’ve ever desired from your wife can be had if you make her feel special, valued and treasured. Treat her like a queen and you will be treated like the king that you are.

I’d like every husband to hear this next point very well, after God, your wife is the number one priority in your life. Show her she is a priority by spending time with her. Show her the family you have made together is a priority by how you spend your money i.e. not all on yourself. Surprise her (if she likes surprises) and do thoughtful things to show her you care without expecting anything in return. Here’s the best part, as you shower her with love, stand back and just watch her bloom and blossom under your care.

Until next time,

Love and Blessings


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