Spoil your Spouse, Raise your children

Too many of us are guilty of spoiling our children and raising our spouses. Do you get what I mean?

We spoil our children by not helping them form sound characters, by lavishing them with too many gifts and waiting on them hand and foot when they need to be learning to do things on their own. And then we try to raise our spouses by trying to change them into how we would like them to be and punishing them by our words and actions.

Here are some pointers on how we can spoil our spouses better. We can spoil each other by:

  1. Making more time to be together
  2. Giving more gifts
  3. Doing more kind gestures
  4. Pampering each other
  5. Saying more positive things to each other and
  6. Looking out for each other’s wants and needs and trying to meet them.

Your children will hopefully one day gain independence and be gone and it will be you and your spouse again…alone. How much fun will that be? Nurture that relationship more than any other. As a plus, you will find this to be good for the children as well because they will see two happy parents loving each other and will see a picture of what God has in mind for them.

By raising our children I mean give them what they need…and some wants…but do not allow them to feel the world revolves around their wants and must stop to fulfill them at all times (life isn’t like that). Children must learn delayed gratification and also to work for some of the things they want. So please treat them nicely, but within boundaries. Children also need to learn independence and should be allowed to do age appropriate tasks. Discipline them when needed and help them form sound characters. God will hold us accountable if we do not nurture our children into useful citizens of this world and the next.

Love your family and treat every member well but ensure your priorities are right…Spoil your spouse, not your children. Do you agree or disagree? Comment below! I look forward to hearing from you.

Love and Blessings