Secret sauce for a clean and orderly home

All of us can do with pointers on practical ways to keep our homes clean and orderly that are easy and not time consuming. I hope you can find something helpful in the following:
1. Do a little everyday
I find keeping a clean home much easier if I do one or two things each day. Keep a list of the household chores that do not need to be done every day and choose one or two of them to do each day. If you do it that way, you may find that you only spend 10 or so minutes on a chore each day but in the long run you’re less overwhelmed and able to maintain a tidy home.

2. Ensure your home is tidy before bedtime
This is probably the most important thing for me in terms of home care. I enjoy waking up to a tidy home and it has become such a habit and a part of me that I very rarely go to bed without doing this. For me, this includes putting things back in their place, doing the dishes and ensuring the kitchen floor is clean. This usually doesn’t take long either and really worth it as it saves time and energy in the morning.

3. Everything should have a home
It is so important for maintaining order in the home that you know exactly where to find and put things. It also helps kids to help keep the home tidy when they are able to learn where everything goes. Have a place for dirty clothes, books, toys, bills and it’s crucial to keep important documents properly stored.

4. Keep a visual monthly calendar
Somewhere in a well used area such as the kitchen or on a family board if you have one, keep a monthly calendar that has room for a little writing. Use this calendar to write down important dates and events that the family will be a part of during the month. This helps you plan ahead and not overwhelm yourselves by over scheduling thus leading to chaos in the home.

5. Teach children to be orderly
Children are to be taught from very early to respect their things and to enjoy a clean and well ordered environment. This can be done from as early as toddlerhood when they learn to understand commands. Once everything has a home, it’s easy to teach children to put things back in their place. The key is to be consistent and insistent until the job is properly done to the best of the child’s ability based on their age.

These are just a few tips that I find helpful. What tips can you share? Please do so below.

Love and Blessings

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