Hi! I’m Amoy. I’m a flawed but highly favored wife and mother who loves family, food, fun & walking into God’s awesome plan for family life.

Welcome to Family Blocks! I’m so excited you’re here. I’m passionate about creating a culture of family life that is God inspired and equips family members for the kingdom of God. I’m an introvert by nature but really express myself about anything family related, from homemaking, to relationship building, sex,  you name it; family is my passion.

As you explore this site you will find useful ‘tidbits’ that will help make your family life more pleasurable once you put the principles into practice. I guarantee that once you place God first in your family and implement some of this godly council, your life will NEVER be the same. You will wake up one morning and realize that you truly have the family you’ve dreamed of.

This site is not about me. It’s all about God’s plan for all of us, but for the record, I am Amoy Adams, the wife of the one and only awesome and handsome Keane Adams and mother to my sweet and energetic little toddler, Kison.  I hold a Master of Social Work Degree with an emphasis in Marriage and Family. My husband is a minister and we share a mutual passion for healthy families. We believe that  families are under attack from the enemy because he knows he has “but a short time” and if he can get families to run amok then he would have won, but we declare that he will not win because God is still alive and He loves families. Do we have it all together? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We have challenges just like you but we do love each other and have discovered that with God as the center of our lives, we can have a happy home. You’ll hear from Keane occasionally as he adds his thoughts on some topics.

I invite you to join me on this journey as we learn and practice for heaven… building families for eternity.