Q&A: Help! How to get out the door on time with a toddler.


Question from Concerned Mom:

“I am a single parent. I have one child. She is two. To get things out to leave is most times hard especially when it comes to punctuality. Help!”

Dear Concerned Mom:

When it comes on to managing young children there are many dynamics involved including the temperament of your child and the mood they may be in on a particular day. One thing is sure, no matter what your dynamics are, if you plan ahead, you have better chances of succeeding. Children like routine and so being organized is key. So, what are some specific things that parents of toddlers can do?

1. Do as much as you can weekly or overnight. For example, ensure clothing is prepared weekly or overnight and also prep for meals overnight, For example, fruits and vegetables etc. can be cut up overnight for breakfast and lunches the following day.

2. Get to bed on time and also ensure that the child has a structured bedtime. A bedtime routine and adherence to a reasonable bedtime is key. So if it means the child needs to skip an afternoon nap so they can get to bed by 7 or 8, then that’s what needs to happen. A bedtime routine also helps wind them down for bed such as a bath,  massage, soothing music and cuddles. When you’re child is asleep you have a little time to get things ready for the next day. Even more important is you getting enough sleep because, when you’re rested, you will also be more patient and level-headed so get that ‘shut-eye’!

3. In line with getting to bed on time, also get up before the child gets up so you can get some things out of the way before he/she wakes up such as your personal time with God, a little exercise, a shower, breakfast preparation, or a blog post (like I’m doing right now…lol)

4. Get the child or children up early enough so they don’t have to rush meals or anything like that. Not rushing also helps you to be in a better headspace to deal with an active toddler.

5. Establish a morning routine of something like worship, breakfast, a little play time and then getting ready so they always know what’s coming next.

Sounds like a plan! I hope our mother and any other parents with toddlers find these tips helpful.  What do you do to help you get out the door on time in the mornings? If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe!




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