Making your home “sensually” appealing

Your home ought to be your favourite place, your safe haven, your respite from everyday hassles, the one place on earth that can truly rejuvenate your spirit. That’s what God wants your home to be. The atmosphere of the home is so important and there are little things we can do to keep it fragrant and happy through appealing to the senses. (I don’t mean to disappoint those of you who are reading this article with something else in mind but sensual does mean other things…wink, wink…although I’ll write about that too) Here’s how you can give your home that sensual appeal.making-your-home-sensually-appealing

  1. The sense of sight. Appealing to your eyes will nourish your soul. This can be accomplished by and creating a relaxing ambience in our homes. Your body should begin to unwind when you walk through the door. This doesn’t have to cost much. Add those little personal touches that make home feel like home for you such as cushions, flowers or art… whatever makes you happy. I’ve found for me that a clean, fresh home is as a good an ambience as any. The best thing for me to see when I get home is a familiar face with a smile that is happy to see me. If you are nurturing healthy relationships with your family members and truly catering to their needs and you’ll always be met with a smile.
  2. Next, what does your home sound like? How about throwing in some nice soft or vibrant music and pleasant conversation? Music can be used in a variety of ways such as putting children to bed and waking them up, creating the ambience for a romantic dinner or just a pleasant background as you carry out your chores. (I’ve also found my toddler is much calmer and happier when I play certain kinds of music which makes me happier too). The sound of laughter and merriment really make a home feel like home. When hilarious things happen during the course of your day, make a note to share them with each other. In addition, intentionally do things to make each other laugh.
  3. Now to the sense of smell. There is a particular home that I cannot forget because as I entered the door, the most pleasing fragrance greeted me. I afterwards found out that it was scented candles. Such a simple touch but it made such a big difference. It could also be the aroma of someone’s favourite meal simmering on the stove, fresh cut flowers or your loved one wearing a fragrance that you love. I also just love the scent of a freshly cleaned home with a splash of lavender somewhere…so soothing…
  4. And how can we leave out one of my favourites and I’m sure yours too, the sense of taste; because after smelling all that goodness I mentioned was simmering on the stove, it’s time to eat right? There are few things that bind people together more than a good home cooked meal and pleasant conversation. Ensure you make time to sit together as often as possible, I recommend at least once a day to enjoy a meal together. For me, this means the phones and gadgets are left in the next room, the television is off, maybe a little Baroque music (if you’re into that…I recommend it) and we’re just together enjoying a meal and each other’s company. It doesn’t really matter what you’re eating. Proverbs 15:17 says “Better a small serving of vegetables with lovethan a fattened calf with hatred.”


  1. Finally, we can add to the atmosphere of our homes using the sense of touch. Remember here that “it is more blessed to give than to receive” so give a warm hug at the door, a back rub, a foot rub, kisses, caresses, a high five, a pat on the shoulder…whatever your individual family member appreciates…it usually comes back to you. These are gifts we can give to our spouses and children that will make the home fragrant with warmth and joy.


What do you do to give your home that sensual appeal? Share in the comments below!


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