Lovin’ on a budget- Spouse edition

Many of us can relate to wanting to do something extra special for our spouses but not having the funds to do what we’d really like. Your family may be operating on a small budget for a variety of reasons and there just isn’t enough in the kitty for that weekend at the all inclusive hotel or favorite thing the person has been hinting at.  A birthday or anniversary may be coming up at a bad time or you just feel like doing something extra special, but who says you need money to show love? In fact, putting thought, effort, creativity and a little sweat into a special project for your spouse can turn out to be more meaningful than an expensive gift. Out of ideas? I’ve got your back today. I’m going to share with you five low cost, creative, ‘Lovin’ on a budget’ ideas for your spouse, because a lack of money is never an excuse:

1.      Here’s a fun idea! A love note treasure hunt! Write some things you love about your spouse on separate pieces of paper and hide them all over the house. Each note should tell them or give them an idea where to look for the next one. You can place each note on its own or pair them with a small item your spouse loves or needs, such as chocolates, a pair of socks, a tie, perfume…whatever you fancy. You can make this idea and creative as you’d like. For example, what kind of note could you hide under a pillow and what else could you put with it?…Hint, hint. The possibilities are endless.

2.      How about dressing up for a candlelit dinner at home, right in your living room. Prepare your spouse’s favorite meal or order it from their favorite restaurant. Now you’re going to go all out with this. If you have children, get the kids off to bed early or get a baby sitter or send them to grandma… whatever you do, put some plan in place so you are undisturbed. Set the ambience with candles and your spouse’s favorite music. Set the table nicely and make sure you have dessert…Yum! While you’re ‘at dinner’ do not talk about anything that will make either of you tense or distracted like challenges you’re having with the children or work; just focus on both of you, laugh and reminisce and have a good time. Sounds like a plan? Awesome!

3.      Do something extra special for your spouse that you know they will love such as a full body massage or a pack a picnic and drive out to view scenery or to a free beach.

4.      Write your spouse a poem and present it nicely in a frame or write them a song and serenade them.  These gestures don’t cost a thing but are so meaningful.

5.      And another fun idea for you…Love coupons. I’m sure anyone would love this thoughtful and customizable gift. All you have to do get some matching pieces of paper that you’re going to put together creatively or in a cute little box and on each one write down things your spouse likes for you to do or would like you to do. It could include things such as a back rub, dinner for two, breakfast in bed, cooking their favorite meal, movie night or date night. You know your spouse best so you know what they would like in their coupon book. Be as creative and interesting as you like. Put things they will want to use and be ready and willing to do it with a smile when they come to redeem their coupon. 

Hope you will use these tips to make your marriage more fun and interesting. I’ll be coming at you soon with some’ lovin’ on a budget’ ideas for parents so look out!

What are some fun, low cost ideas that you have used or plan to use to show love to your spouse? Please share in the comments below!


Love and Blessings


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