Is your life falling apart?

If you’re reading this post, then you’ve probably been in some dark places where you feel hopeless, helpless and powerless. I’ve been there too.  Sometimes we find ourselves teetering on the edge of disaster as the waves of life crash into us, eroding our sense of who we are and who God is. It becomes harder and harder to handle the day to day running of our lives much less function as someone’s spouse or parent. And who usually gets the brunt of our emotions? That’s right…Our family members. Too often they become the straw that breaks the camel’s back and it’s just too sad because they are more important to us than anything else.  The truth is that, if we’re falling apart the entire family is falling apart.

So how do we manage ourselves so that we maintain a harmonious family life?

I love this quote by Charles Spurgeon, “A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to a person that isn’t”. It goes right back to our relationship with God. The more time we spend with God, in His Word and allow Him to speak to us and also listening to Him in prayer, the less we will find ourselves falling apart and losing control.


It’s not just about spending time with God but listening to and believing that He says. I’ve found myself spending time with God and really just not understanding what He’s doing but then he reminds me of the fact that He knows the end from the beginning and I need to rest in Him and trust Him. It’s not easy but it’s so worth it to make the effort and to live with peace of mind.

God doesn’t promise immediate responses in the way we prefer but He promises in the Bible that when we seek Him first, everything will ultimately fall into place. He promises that when we trust in Him, He will direct our paths. He promises that “All things work together for good to those who love God…” Rom 8:28

For me personally, I have trust issues so when the great God of the universe asks me to trust Him and He will supply my needs, He will take care of me, it’s hard, because I feel like I need to be in control; I need to be able to see how things are going to work out. So I sometimes ask myself, suppose He chooses not to come through?  Suppose He leaves me hanging? Suppose this and suppose that etc. But, I’m happy to report though that God has proven Himself to me over and over again and so I’ve decided to relax a bit and life is so much better this way. Life is better His way because even when things don’t happen as I hope they will, time reveals that His way is superior to mine.

There is no one who spends time in God’s word and is worst off for it. So for your sake and the sake of your family, make personal Bible study and prayer a priority because when our priorities are right, our life is right. Read God’s word. That’s how he speaks to us. Underline key points. Write notes in the side. Keep a journal of your ‘AHA!’ moments. Your Bible ought to be your most treasured possession and your relationship with God, your most treasured connection.

It is through this relationship that God can make crooked paths straight and reveals his plans, impart his wisdom, give strength and speak peace to your soul. He will order our steps so the next steps we take and the next words we speak will be the right ones to the right persons or we will just be still and allow Him to take care of it. We have to spend time getting to know God so we can know what he wants from us and for us.

Remember “A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to a person that isn’t”.

What do you find helpful when your life is falling apart? Share in the comments below!


Love and Blessings


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