How God turned my crazy toddler morning around with one simple thing

So one morning recently my toddler and I were having a battle of the wills. I was determined to have an obedient child and he was equally determined to have his own way. I wasn’t winning and I was feeling the little fraction of self-control I had left quickly slipping away…he is such a strong willed little one. I couldn’t think of what else I could do to gain his compliance.

All of a sudden I felt impressed to PRAY. He understands the concept of prayer because we have regular worship and prayer in our home and encourage him to pray in his own way. So I took his little hands in mine and prayed. I prayed a simple, genuine prayer to God using language my son would understand and talked to God about the challenging behavior he was displaying, asking God to help him do better.

Well believe it or not, after that prayer, his attitude changed. He was calm, smiling and more compliant.  I was also more patient with him as well. I was amazed! Children really act upon our emotions. If we are calm and pleasant, they are more likely to be compliant but if we are irritated and angry, they will likely display that kind of behavior as well so I’ve been asking God to help me be a calmer and more pleasant mom (even when irritated) so the atmosphere of my home is more peaceful. But most importantly I’ve proven in a new way the power of “the effectual, fervent” prayer.

I’m not saying prayer alone fixes everything. When we pray, we must be pliable and willing to change our actions and attitudes in compliance to God’s directives. However I am saying prayer changes everything. No one can enter into the presence of Almighty God and remain the same. As Christians we know the power of prayer but do we really tap into it during our little everyday battles? I’m often guilty of trying to fight them with my own wisdom and strength. It’s so much easier to just invite God into the picture with His infinite wisdom and His presence which brings joy and peace and makes the home a much better place to be for everyone.

Love and Blessings



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