Do this one thing before separating everyday

Everyday we are reminded of the fact that tomorrow isn’t promised. As a matter of fact, your next minute isn’t promised. How important is it then that our family members know that we love them every day and that they leave our company with a positive message. I make it a habit, even if I’m little upset with my husband about something, to leave him with a kiss and “I love you, have a nice day!” and be genuine about it. Here’s how I’m able to do this. I am committed to him and whatever it is we have disagreed on, we will be working it out. We’re in this together so I don’t need to be punishing him, I can choose to show him some love.  Form these positive habits and routines that just quite frankly make life sweeter and richer.

The same is true for parent-child relationships. That’s a bond that cannot be undone. Give your child a positive message before parting company, even if there’s an issue to be dealt with. Resolve as much as you can and then create that positive atmosphere. Not only will you be communicating love, but you will also be teaching them how to handle conflicts well and how to love so that as they move forward into adulthood, they have that godly example to follow.

A positive atmosphere in our home environment not only enriches our lives but shows to those around us that marriage and family life, God’s way is sweet and honorable. There are too many gloomy looking married folk around and showing positive affect/emotion is an indicator of the health of your relationship and can also increase the health of it.

Parting on a positive note can feel and sound like:

  • A hug and kiss
  • A smile
  • A wink
  • “I love you”
  • “Looking forward to seeing you later!”
  • “This is going to be ok”
  • “See ya later alligator!”
  • “Have a wonderful day!”

Do you any other suggestions for creating a positive atmosphere? Share in the comments below!

Love and Blessings


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