the stupidest thing to do after a baby

The “stupidest” thing you can do after having a baby

So you go through nine months of religiously taking your vitamins, worrying about what you eat, going to checkups, maybe throwing up a little(…alright, maybe a lot) and after labor and delivery take home this little human who has no choice but to be dependent on you for EVERYTHING. Like you, I’d hate to mess this situation up. What’s the “stupidest” thing you can do? There are many stupid things you can do and when you’re new parents you’re bound to make mistakes. Please avoid all the ones that are detrimental to health and life but outside of these, the Read More

Going to bed

Why going to bed at the same time is better for your marriage

Go to bed together Are you married to an early nighter who gets up before the crack of dawn (much to your annoyance) while you’re a night owl who treasures those moments of sleeping in? Believe it or not, this difference can negatively affect the quality of your relationship. Here’s a little excerpt from the Wall Street Journal: “Researchers found spouses who go to bed at different times report significantly less relationship satisfaction than those on the same schedule. They have more conflict, spend less time in shared activities and serious conversation” Studies have shown that the happiest couples go Read More

How to know if your marriage is in trouble

How to know if your marriage is in trouble

In the busy seasons of our lives and just the regular pace of life, it’s easy for there to be stress and strain on our marriages and if we’re not aware of the early signs of trouble and how to nip it in the bud, we’re in for disaster so I’d like to share with you some threats to marriage. We are aware of the numerous assaults the devil hurls at families and especially at marriages as that is the heart of the home. The best way to overcome an enemy is to be aware of his strategy. So if Read More


Why men need to submit too

Last time I tackled the ladies on the matter of submission, but shouldn’t husbands have to submit too? The answer is yes. Men must submit to a greater authority than themselves, God. I married my husband, not because he is perfect (although he’s pretty awesome) but because I could see where he was growing in his submission to God’s authority in his life and he continues to grow. It’s awesome to watch. A man who submits to God is easy to submit to. The head of a real man is God and as he submits to God, God teaches him Read More

Submit to who

Submit to who?

Today we’re going to bring up a word that many modern women don’t like to hear…SUBMISSION. Submission has been viewed as a wife allowing her husband to think for her and control her life. She feels as though if she submits, she won’t be able to make decisions on her own. Essentially, many modern women feel they do not need a boss. Our ears have been filled with negative views on the topic and quite frankly, if I were to go by the widely propagated views, I’d think submission was a bad thing. Exciting news! Well I have some wonderful and Read More

the stupidest thing to do after a baby

Spoil your Spouse, Raise your children

Too many of us are guilty of spoiling our children and raising our spouses. Do you get what I mean? We spoil our children by not helping them form sound characters, by lavishing them with too many gifts and waiting on them hand and foot when they need to be learning to do things on their own. And then we try to raise our spouses by trying to change them into how we would like them to be and punishing them by our words and actions. Here are some pointers on how we can spoil our spouses better. We can spoil Read More


Praying for your children

Gonna keep it short and sweet today  😉 James 5:16 says “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” How much have you tapped into this power? Today I would like to encourage you to pray for your children. I don’t mean this in an ordinary way because I’m sure all you godly parents out there pray for your children everyday. The kind of prayer I am referring to is purposeful, specific and powerful because of how it is done. Sometimes we wait until we’re in a crisis situation to really pray about certain issues. For example, should Read More

How to teach your chld to obey

How to teach your child to obey

  The struggle is real when it comes to teaching children to be obedient, and comply with your requests/commands which are only in their best interest. It is truly an uphill task but God has given us wisdom that can be used to make this job a little easier. Without further delay let’s jump into our tips for teaching children to obey Be consistent. Parents are often guilty of enforcing rules sometimes and not at others. What this does is create confusion for the child. So for example if the rule is that the child should eat at the table, then the Read More

7 ways to build your husband up

7 ways to build your husband up

Even in a perfect world, man was lonely. He saw all the living creatures God had made and he felt something was missing and so God created woman to bring into man’s life mutual support and companionship. Very easily though, we can become very busy with the tasks of daily living and forget the important role we play in our husband’s lives. Very often he is still lonely. What are some practical ways we can be that companion our husband needs and build him up? Pray for and with him. This is the most important way you can support your Read More