Brand New Family



I have the pleasure of offering you a brand new family for the New Year! Isn’t that awesome? This new family will be as close to perfect as we can get here on earth. Everyone will live in love and unity and sweet harmony will be the new aroma of your home. Buying it? Do you want it? Then you can, and for free too. This year, we propose that you get a brand new family by experiencing new things with the same old family that you have. Sorry if that isn’t what you had in mind :-). I promise you that once you and/or your family gets on board, it will be sweet.

As we celebrate and relax on the Sabbath at the end of this New Year’s Day, Keane and I have resolved and we hope you have too that our family will be brand new. Keane will have a new wife and it will be…me. We have already had our little family meeting and decided on our goals for this year and encourage you to do the same. Now I know many persons aren’t too crazy about New Year’s resolutions but I think new beginnings are great and these happen every day but it’s also great to begin the year with goals in mind. If you don’t have a goal, then you have nothing to work towards. Our family members are our “helpmeets” as God puts it, to help us reach these goals. One of our goals as a couple is to pray together more, to intercede more, because that is what is needed for God’s people in these last days.

There was a lag in the posting during the latter part of 2015 and for that I do apologize (it has been crazy) but this year please look forward to some great content and fun as we build up our families for the Kingdom of God. A challenge we will have running for this year is to find ways to fill your home with more laughter and we will be sharing tips on how to do this. Job 8: 21 says “He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy” and that is just how Christian homes should sound. So join us for a year filled with laughter.

Feel free to comment below and share a goal for your family for this year.

Love and Blessings


(Photo: Flickr by Glen Van Etten)

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