7 very practical ways to nurture spiritual growth in the home

7 Very Practical ways to Nurture Spiritual Growth in the Home

Growing up in a single parent home for the majority of my childhood, I had a Christian mother who did her best to ensure that I had good spiritual formation. She encouraged me to have a personal walk with God through prayer and devotional time, having worship and praying with me, answering my questions about God and my faith during the teenage years and just modeling Christianity. As an adult, I truly have a much deeper appreciation for her efforts because I’m seeing the fruit of that. I didn’t understand everything then, but now, I get it. She put me in a position where God could easily get to me and keep me.

One of the keys to a successful Christian home is an atmosphere that nurtures spiritual growth.  Whether you have children or not, a Christian home needs to be a place that nurtures spiritual growth and here are some practical ways to do it:

  1. Cultivate and atmosphere where praise and worship is second nature.

You can set the tone for this with music. Find worship music that you love and play it as you prepare breakfast and get ready for the day or drive in the car. Lift your voice in praise to God through singing. Our words also have bearing on this. Are we constantly saying things like “Isn’t God good?”, “Thank you Jesus!”,  “Bless the Lord O my soul!” (Got that last one from my mother by marriage)

  1. Guard the avenues to your home.

What do you allow into your home? What stations do you watch or allow your children to watch? Do they edify and bring glory to God? What about the music and games? The Holy Spirit wants to reside in our homes but God never forces Himself on us, we have to make Him welcome.

  1. Respect each other’s devotional time

In our home, I know when my husband is having his personal devotional time and I do my best not to disturb him and he does the same for me. Interestingly our 2 year old toddler also knows when we’re having our devotional times and for as long his little attention span can stand he doesn’t disturb us too much either.  He’s learning to respect our devotional time and sometimes I catch him attempting to have his own devotional time. He picks up a book and prays or attempts to read the Bible. It warms my heart! When each of us has had our time with God (usually in the morning), it makes for a much better day and we are better spouses and parents because of it so ‘Do not disturb”.

  1. Check in

I have a habit of checking in with my husband every now and then and asking “How is your devotional life these days? What have you been learning?” I think it’s nice to show and interest in his spiritual growth and it’s always interesting to hear the insights he’s been getting from the Word if he hasn’t already shared it with me and he appreciates it.

  1. Pray with and for each other

I can’t stress enough the importance of prayer. It’s probably the single most important thing you can do for and with your spouse and family because it is the key to improvement in every area of life. Call your spouse’s and children’s names in prayer and allow them to hear you do it. It feels good to be prayed for. Praying together is equally important. There is power in prayer and it will bond you together. Make it a habit. When we were dating, my husband would pray with me over the phone every night (impressed me!) before I went to bed and he still does it now. I so appreciate knowing we’re covered as we go off to sleep.

  1. Establish a family altar

Every home needs to have a time and place for prayer and worship morning and evening. Don’t tell me you don’t have time. You have 1,440 minutes in your day and you can dedicate some of those for worship with your family if you think it is important. Prioritize. Worship doesn’t need to be long, especially if you have small children but it does need to happen. What works for us right now is prayer together in the morning before parting company and worship and prayer in the evening. This has become a habit and we look forward to it. Our son looks forward to worship and prayer with his parents before bedtime.  Look at what’s happening in your family and work it into your schedule. You’ll be happy you did!

  1. Encourage your children’s walk with God

One of the best ways to safe guard the families of the future, is to have good, grounded men and women. As Christian families we must take our parental responsibility seriously and do our best to nurture spiritual growth in our children. Take steps according to the child’s age. Encourage them to pray. Sing and play songs about Jesus and allow them to learn them. Read Bible and character building stories for them and audio stories are also now available. As they grow older, purchase for them a child friendly Bible and a devotional guide. I still have the first Bible my mother gave me and cherish it dearly. Encourage them to spend time with God in the mornings. Pray with them about any challenges they are having and have them experience God at work in their lives. Celebrate with them when God answers their prayer. Plant the seed and it will take root. Even if the devil tries to snatch them, they will always remember the foundation they have.

I hope this has been helpful for you. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Let me know if there’s anything that you’re going to try.


Love and Blessings


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