7 easy ways to save on the family budget

I’m on a new adventure with God, asking Him to help me become a wiser woman in every area of my life and money is one of those things that can just fly way with little unwise choices made here and there. So I’ll be sharing some useful tips as I learn them along the way, hoping they will be pearls of wisdom for you too. Here are 7 ways you can save on your family budget:

  1. Prepare home cooked meals for work, school or road trips.

I love cooking so this may be easier for me than others, but preparing your own meals not only saves money but you have control over what you eat so you can make healthier choices. Food preparation doesn’t have to be a long, tedious process if you plan ahead. And for those who don’t care much for cooking, there are many great options for meals that don’t require much preparation such as salads, wraps and sandwiches.

  1. Reduce spending on cleaning supplies.

You don’t need a separate product for every area of your home. Find a few items that can be used for multiple purposes. Dishwashing liquid, baking soda and white vinegar can do many things and are inexpensive.

  1. Find more cost effective entertainment options.

Instead of going out all the time for Family night or date night, stay in more often. Games nights, cooking together and movie night are just a few ideas. You can check out the following blog posts for some cool ideas:  10 Fun and Cheap Date Ideas and 6 awesome and low cost ideas for at-home family entertainment

  1. Do Less Shopping

The more often we shop is the more items we tend to buy and thus more money spent. Try to limit your shopping to once every two weeks or once a month, whatever works for your family. For grocery shopping, I find once every two weeks works best for us because we love to have fresh fruits and vegetables on hand. We shop for other items such as clothing as the need arises. It is definitely not a hobby or recreational activity.

  1. Shop for groceries smarter.

I keep a running shopping list posted to my fridge. When I notice that I am going to run out of an item soon or have run out of it all together, I place it on my list. This ensures that when I eventually go shopping, I can purchase all I need and not make frequent trips to the store, wasting time and money. In addition, buying staple items in bulk usually translates to it being cheaper so explore those options as well.

  1. Buy more quality items that you love

This may sound counterproductive because buying more quality items usually means spending more money on each item but as it turns out, you save money in the long run because you will purchase that item less often. In addition we don’t need as much as we think. Buying 15 pairs of quality shoes may be wasting money, however having 5 pairs of quality shoes that you love is an excellent use of money in my opinion. Save towards that solid pair of shoes (that can last the school year) for your child to return to school, quality work shirts for the husband or that well-deserved and long overdue handbag ahead of time, and buy a good one. A little planning here goes a long way. In addition, look out for deals and sales on these items in stores and online. You may end up spending way less than you imagined.

  1. Grow your own food

This one requires a little more commitment but it is so rewarding. We’ve had a family garden before…well, honestly, my husband did most of the work, but we  plan to start one again this year; because not only was it rewarding but it saved on the grocery bill and we had more than enough to share with our neighbors. We also think it will be a great opportunity for our toddler to learn where his food comes from.

So, what do you do to save money? Don’t keep it to yourself, share in the comments below!

Love and Blessings



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