6 awesome and low cost ideas for at-home family entertainment

In my previous post, I highlighted some ways to save on the family budget, one of which was finding more cost effective entertainment options. I’d like to share some insanely fun ideas for in home entertainment that are just as fun as or even more enjoyable than going out.


  1. Cook (something you’ve never made before)

My husband and I recently learned to bake bread. Believe me, nothing gives your house that homey smell like homemade bread baking in the oven. You can also use cooking times as educational times by having themed “cooking parties”. Cook some food from another culture and play their cultural music while eating the meal. You can even top it off with a video or movie from that culture as well.

  1. Learn a new Art/Craft

This can be really fun. Ideas such as painting, origami, murals, paper mache and woodwork come to mind, however, Pinterest (my favorite!) also has a ton more art and craft ideas that you can easily look up.

  1. Games Night

We recently got together with some friends and had food and games. It was a great time! You can have games night with friends once a month or just with your family at home. Here are some fun games: Pictionary, Actionary, Tic Tac Toe, Monopoly, Connect Four, Scrabble, Table Tennis etc. Parents can also use these opportunities to teach their children games they used to play as children.

  1. Outdoor Games

Doing physical outdoor games can be fun too and a great way to get everyone exercising! I love playing badminton (although I’m not any good) and there are other outdoor games you can play or make up such as football, water balloon wars, basketball, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, tag and hide and seek etc.

  1. Puzzles

This past holiday, my husband and I took on a very difficult 500 piece puzzle and it was fun spending the time together to do it. It took us a couple evenings to get it done but we learned to work together, we learned strategy and we learned to persevere when we wanted to give up. We’re so proud of it! Try it and see if it’s your thing. (Here’s a note to make it more fun: The puzzle was so hard that my husband came up with the idea of kissing every time we made a match… we were motivated indeed!)

  1. Movie night (with popcorn)

I left this for last because I think many families fall into the habit of over- using this idea. Let this be the year when you venture into other territory where you have to truly interact with each other, however, an occasional movie is good, especially when you do your due diligence and find a good one that inspires. Watching movies with older children can also be  fun teaching opportunities as you discuss or point out themes in the movie.

What do you do to have fun with your family at home? Please share in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you

Love and Blessings


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