3 tips for families during the holidays

3 tips for families during the holidays

It’s the holadayz! It’s great to have a little downtime from work and school and reconnect. Or at least that’s what it should be. Very often it’s not and that bothers me a little. The holidays are so commercialized and there are so many events that, instead of downtime and unwinding and doing what really matters, one can easily end up running from pillar to post doing one million unnecessary things. Here are 3 key things to bear in mind this holiday season:

  1. Actually spend time together

This means not watching Christmas movies ALL day. Declutter your schedule. Keep a few meaningful activities and traditions that your family enjoys and then just have downtime. Get into the kitchen and cook and laugh and talk. Actually look into each other’s faces instead of staring at a screen texting each other. Make the holidays a memorable time for children and take the time to invest in their spiritual development through reading the bible together and having deep conversations. Make some memories that you will treasure and take pictures so you can look back and remember. Be intentional about family time.

  1. Do something special for someone or another family in need

I think that at least one of your activities or traditions during the holiday season should be to do something nice for someone. It could be a friend, family member or a stranger but people have needs. Look around you and be keenly observant. There may be a physical need that you can fill such as food or clothing. The need may be more emotional such as someone in need of a little cheering up. So many persons are lonely during the holidays or grieving the loss of a loved one. Bake some cinnamon rolls and head over to share some hot chocolate with them. Have them know that someone truly cares. This is also an excellent example for your children.

  1. Remember the post-holiday needs

Please, please do not succumb to the pressure to spend incessantly. Do a budget and stick to it. The children will live if they don’t get expensive presents or go to every activity in your area that costs money. They shall not die…believe me…and neither will you. Remember January’s a-comin’ with all the expenses it brings so spend wisely.

I hope you found these tips a little helpful. What would you add to the mix? Share in the comments below!

Love and Blessings