For the mom who’s about to have a “toddler tantrum”

I have a toddler and there are some days when I feel like I’m the one about to have a “toddler tantrum”. Even if your child/children are older, sometimes it’s just downright frustrating to be someone’s mother (… I’ve heard reports of this). You know what I mean, those moments when you get upset, and frustrated you’re on the brink of crying and you just want to yell and scream or get it out somehow. Nothing you do is working; nothing you say is working and you feel like you’ve exhausted all options. Now is the time when you need to stop and breathe and get centered because having a tantrum is NOT AN OPTION OK?…Good. So what do we do?

I’m reminded of one of God’s loveliest promises in Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.”

So here are four things to do when you want to have a “mommy tantrum”:

  1. Pray and ask God to help you calm down and have a peaceful spirit and also to help your child calm down. Just the few seconds it takes to pause, take a deep breath and whisper a prayer helps because God really steps in when we ask and expect Him to. Children, especially toddlers, feed off of our energy. I find that when I am calm, things are a lot easier.
  2. Think, what can I be thankful for in this moment? Usually for me I am thankful that I have the opportunity to be a mother and that I may actually miss these moments sometime down the road.
  3. Ask yourself, how can I change my approach? Sometimes our approach to the situation is all wrong. Try to understand life from your toddler’s perspective. Most times they just want to be heard, or to “help”, or get some of your attention. What are their actions telling you?
  4. Get low. Finally get down to the level of your child. I mean this in a literal and figurative way. Get your body down to their level, look them in the eyes and speak whatever God tells you to. Encourage, or chide, warn…whatever. The figurative “getting low” means, translate your message so your child can understand. Chances are, your child is acting out because they’re frustrated with you. Toddlers don’t always understand words like “wait” or “I’m busy”. Break it down. For example, your toddler is throwing a fit because they’re ready to go to the playground now! Instead of “Yes, we’re going to the playground just wait, I’m getting ready!”, you could say, “Yes we’re going to the playground. First mommy has to comb her hair and brush her teeth and then we’ll be ready…ok?”

I hope you find these few pointers helpful. Find what works for you and you’ll be fine and remember, they won’t be toddlers forever.

What do you do when you feel the “mommy tantrum” coming on? Share in the comments below!

Love and Blessings

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