My best tip for always being kind at home

It’s so easy to for us to put on our kind face and caring attitude when we put on our nice clothes and dress up to go out. But what about when we are at home? So often the anger monster, the critical comments and lack of compassion comes out behind the closed doors of home. We would never treat a friend, customer, boss or co-worker the way we treat our family sometimes. We wouldn’t even dream of saying some of the things we say to our children to someone else’s child right? The family value of kindness is important Read More

clean and orderly home

Secret sauce for a clean and orderly home

All of us can do with pointers on practical ways to keep our homes clean and orderly that are easy and not time-consuming. I hope you can find something helpful in the following: Do a little every day I find keeping a clean home much easier if I do one or two things each day. Keep a list of the household chores that do not need to be done every day and choose one or two of them to do each day. If you do it that way, you may find that you only spend 10 or so minutes on Read More

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of better sleep

Do this one thing before separating every day

Every day we are reminded of the fact that tomorrow isn’t promised. As a matter of fact, your next minute isn’t promised. How important is it then that our family members know that we love them every day and that they leave our company with a positive message. The following is my goal and I’m not perfect but I make it a habit, even if I’m little upset with my husband about something, to leave him with a kiss and “I love you, have a nice day!” and be genuine about it. Here’s how I’m able to do this. I Read More

6 keys to building trust in your family

6 Keys to Trust in Your Family

Trust and Honesty is the foundation of any relationship and in a family it is crucial. Trust creates that foundation and feeling of safety for family members to truly become the best version of themselves. Here are some ways you can build trust with your family: Make a commitment to honesty Honesty is crucial in marriage because trust provides the foundation for an intimate relationship and honesty breeds trust. Your spouse needs to know they can trust you to tell the truth no matter how hard or unpleasant it is. However parents in particular need to pay attention to both Read More

Walking out Uncondtional Love

Walking out Unconditional Love in the Home

I find that sometimes our family can be the hardest persons to treat nicely all the time because either we are just not in the mood (God can help us get a handle on that) or they just have fallen so woefully short of our high expectations. Acting in love all the time is more easily said than done, however, unless we learn it, we won’t see God’s face because “God is love”. God created the institution of marriage and the family so we can learn love and walk out love every day. Love isn’t love if it is conditional. Read More

7 very practical ways to nurture spiritual growth

7 Very Practical ways to Nurture Spiritual Growth in the Home

Growing up in a single parent home for the majority of my childhood, I had a Christian mother who did her best to ensure that I had good spiritual formation. She encouraged me to have a personal walk with God through prayer and devotional time, having worship and praying with me, answering my questions about God and my faith during the teenage years and just modeling Christianity. As an adult, I truly have a much deeper appreciation for her efforts because I’m seeing the fruit of that. I didn’t understand everything then, but now, I get it. She put me Read More

Discover the keys to a successful Christian family

Discover what can make your Christian family successful

The devil can do a very good job of keeping us busy talking about things we’d like to do and see in our families without it ever happening. It’s so very important that a family has a sense of vision and purpose. I’m all for being practical and some ways of creating a visual picture of what you’d like your family to be like are mission statements and visions statements but today I wanted to highlight Family Values. Family Values are those standards that everyone in the family is held accountable to. They should serve as a pilot for the Read More

How to change your husband

How to change your husband

So yes it is possible that your husband can change. I’m not encouraging discontentment with the husband you have but I’ve definitely seen growth from good to great as I’ve grown in what I’ve shared below. This stuff is great! Here are the secrets to changing your husband. If you want a new husband , then he needs a new wife The first thing we must do as wives is to shift the focus from our husbands to ourselves. Change yo’ attitude girl! It’s easy to fall into the “whiny trap”. “He doesn’t help around the house”, “He’s not affectionate Read More

with one simple thing

How God turned my crazy toddler morning around with one simple thing

So one morning recently my toddler and I were having a battle of the wills. I was determined to have an obedient child and he was equally determined to have his own way. I wasn’t winning and I was feeling the little fraction of self-control I had left quickly slipping away…he is such a strong-willed little one. I couldn’t think of what else I could do to gain his compliance. All of a sudden I felt impressed to PRAY. He understands the concept of prayer because we have regular worship and prayer in our home and encourage him to pray Read More


Curried Yellow Lentils

  You know I’m all about family time and how better to do it than over a meal. Here’s one of my family favorites, Curried Yellow Lentils (with coconut…yummy) Ingredients List: 2 ½ cups yellow lentils (aka yellow split peas), cooked (retain enough cooking liquid to cover peas) 1 small onion, diced 2 cloves garlic, minced ½ cup celery, chopped 1 tsp paprika ¾ tsp turmeric powder ½ tsp thyme leaves 1 cup Irish potatoes, cooked and diced ½ cup coconut milk 2 tbsp oil Cayenne pepper to taste Salt to taste   Instructions: Heat oil over medium-high heat and Read More