7 ways to build your husband up

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Even in a perfect world, man was lonely. He saw all the living creatures God had made and he felt something was missing and so God created woman to bring into man’s life mutual support and companionship. Very easily though, we can become very busy with the tasks of daily living and forget the important role we play in our husband’s lives. Very often he is still lonely. What are some practical ways we can be that companion our husband needs and build him up?

  1. Pray for and with him. This is the most important way you can support your husband. Let him know that you are presenting his daily struggles and well-being to God and that it is important to you. God can do a greater work on your husband life than you could ever do and He will also teach you how to be the wife your husband needs.
  2. Respect him. A man lives for respect. Learn to speak with him, even about negative things in a way that still communicates that you value him. Speak to your husband more sweetly than you speak to anyone else.attracting an audience
  3. Affirm him. Communicate to your husband that you notice his strengths and his hard work and that they are valuable in your eyes. You are to be his number one cheerleader.
  4. Support his dreams. Men display a very macho image but they are many times insecure. Believe in him and support him especially when he doubts himself.
  5. Show physical affection. This includes a gentle touch, a long kiss or hug and most importantly sex. Never deny him that.
  6. Smile with him. Many times we underestimate the power of a smile. I promise you that your man loves to see you smile and it makes you even more beautiful in his eyes. So don’t allow the long and stressful day you’ve had to get in the way of your being pleasant.
  7. Be his friend. We women love to talk…a lot. But learn to listen to him. He may not talk a lot about the matters of his heart but when he does open up…listen. Become interested in the things that interest him…yes, I’ve had to watch a football game on occasion and it was more fun than I thought and he really did appreciate that time together.


What are some of the ways you build your husband up? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!




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