113 Challenge Love Suffers Long

113 CHALLENGE_ Love suffers long

I  hope that you have been enjoying our 113 Challenge so far and that the passage 1 Corinthians  13 is truly coming alive for you in new and fresh ways everyday.  If you’re doing it right , you are growing in deeper and deeper in love because love is God and God is love. We are going to embark, beginning today on a journey of a more in depth knowledge of the passage.

The first component of love outlined is that “Love suffers long”. I don’t know about you but I was disappointed about this. Here I am trying to learn about love and the first thing is that I have to suffer? We grew up with the concept of love as being one of warm fuzzy feelings; it’s fun and easy…Well the truth is that love is not a feeling but a principle. We deceive ourselves if we believe we will always feel the love. What about the days when we’re feeling tired and just don’t “feel” like being someone’s mother or husband of sister on that particular day? I appreciate so much more what my husband does for me when he does it with a smile even though I know he is feeling tired just because…he loves me.

God wanted to point out to us that when we decide to love, we have to be in it for the long haul. Love is not for the faint of heart, it is for those who can act in love through the highs and lows, mountains and valleys of the love experience. God know he had to tell us this because as imperfect human beings, we don’t know how to love as we should.

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on try (3)


So love suffers long. What does this mean? It simply means patience. Love is patient.

Love forgives when your child is disobedient over and over and over…

Love looks past the faults in your spouse that pop up now again

Love wakes up in the night to feed and soothe a crying baby night after night after night…

Love cares for a loved one who is ill with a smile

Love sticks with your family through thick and thin because you know what? Christ has and still is suffering long with us. He’s such a patient God. Everyday we sin and everyday He forgives even though He knows we may do it all over again tomorrow. If we are aiming to be like Him, how much more should we be patient with others, chiefly our family members? God is love, Love is patient.

Look out for our next instalment “Love is kind”




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