113 Challenge: Love is not puffed up

113 CHALLENGE_ Love is not puffed up

My family and I are still learning more about love as we study 1 Corinthians 13 in this 113 Challenge and we hope you have been continuing the challenge of committing this passage to memory. Today we examine more closely the principle “Love is not puffed up.” The Bible uses that terminology to talk about pride. When we are puffed up we are filled with pride, we are only concerned about ourselves. The problem is that sometimes pride can be in our lives without us recognizing it as pride and it can truly ruin our relationships.

Pride can manifest itself in our relationships in various ways. If you find yourself having a hard time saying these three words “I am sorry”, that’s a problem. Sometimes we feel as though we are right most if not all the time and that’s injurious to our relationship health. You have to be able to admit when you’re wrong and acknowledge another person’s feelings. For example if your spouse were to come to you and say “Honey this morning, I didn’t like the tone and attitude I got from you this morning me when we were trying to make a decision about Blue Mountain Peek next weekend. I felt as though you didn’t value my opinion” and you were to respond by saying, “But dear I know more about this thing than you do remember? Why are you making this a problem? Just leave it to me.”, what you’ve done is to totally ignore and diminish the other person’s feelings because you are so self-involved. The response from a loving and Christ-like spouse would be “Dear, I totally never intended to hurt your feelings and I’m sorry. I just felt like it would have been better for me to make the decision because I have done this before but I should have listened to you some more. Can we start over?

The also Bible reminds us in Matthew 7:3 New King James Version (NKJV) “ And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?” Pride causes us to be blind to our faults and we become so self-inflated and then so busy nit-picking and helping others work on their faults that we become quite obnoxious because our faults are very obvious. So in order to kill the monster of pride, we must spend more time in introspection, looking at ourselves to see what faults we need to be working on in order to grow and become better persons. If you truly love your family members, the greatest gift you could give them is a better version of yourself so spend some time thinking about the ways your pride gets in the way of our relationship with your family members. Time spent perfecting your character is very important. This shows a great example to our children and those watching us that we are truly in a relationship with the King of Kings.

If you truly love your family members, the greatest gift you could give them is a better versio

If you truly love your family members, the greatest gift you could give them is a better version of yourself.


Here’s a poem by  Robert Hedrick that drives the point home

As stubborn pride sets in, admitting we are wrong gets tough to say,

Pointing fingers at others and allowing the blame to go their way.

Deep down knowing we were wrong, while pride controls our heart,

When one lie has to be told to cover another, now that’s not smart.

Anyone can be wrong and at times we are, that’s the way life goes,

To anyone who might say they never are, remember Pinocchio’s nose.

Pride will attempt to cover up the truth and sweep it under the mat,

Then as the truth’s known, it may hurt feelings or worse than that.

Pride can poison a marriage, no matter how well bonded it has been,

As one party’s falsely accused of being wrong time and time again.

The accuser knows they are wrong in not sharing part of the blame,

However, there’s a reason they want and foolish pride is it’s name.

Godly relationships can be damaged when the head of pride raises up,

In attempting to handle things on our own, then life becomes corrupt.

If we’ll swallow that pride, then we will begin to see the True Light,

Then by putting God in the center of life, our future becomes bright


What has your journey been with pride? Share in the comments below!

Love and blessings

Keane and Amoy


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