113 Challenge Love is Kind

113 CHALLENGE_ Love is kind

I think we all know about kindness but what does it really mean to be kind? Kindness is benevolence, gentleness, goodness, being considerate and helpful. It’s just being…nice. I’m going to propose that:

“If you do not practice kindness at home, you are NOT truly a kind person”

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on try (2)

You see it can be easier to be kind to complete strangers than to your own family members because you don’t know all their faults and shortcomings. Maybe we also feel that our family members are obligated to love us no matter how we treat them because they are …family. But if we are not kind to those closest to us, then we are only pretending to be kind when we go out. If we hiss at our family members, deny them the privilege of our time, shout and holler at them, if we are sarcastic and rude and tell each other mean things then we do not truly know how to love because we are not practicing kindness. This spirit of selfishness and focus on self to the detriment of meeting another’s needs is of the devil. Examine yourself, are you truly kind to your family or are they usually the recipients of your anger and moodiness.

Our family members should be the first recipients of our kindness. Our children should not feel jealous of our house guests because only they get to benefit from the best of the household crockery, bedding and meal preparation. For the gentlemen, displaying chivalry to your wife only when you are in public is not being kind to your wife. Be nice to her all the time; show her attention and affection even when no one is looking. Ladies, shower you man with love in ways that he appreciates. Your happy marriage will thank you for it.

Show kindness through thoughtful words, gifts and just time spent together. The beautiful things is that the more kind you are is the more you will find the world being kind to you because kindness begets kindness and “whatsoever you sow, you will reap”.

God is love, Love is kind.

Look out for “Love does not envy”



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