10 Bonding activities for parents and children

Bonding for parents and children

In the busyness of life, sometimes we lose focus on what really matters or we find it difficult to come up with creative activities that can help us create stronger bonds with the ones we love. If the preceding statement describes you or you’re just looking for some new inspiration, here are ten bonding activities for parents and children

  1. Play games: Now this can be outdoor or indoor games. Just be creative and make sure they are interactive.  Remember play is just as important for adults as for children.
  2. Read together: For example, Bible stories, inspirational stories, books about animals etc.
  3. Cuddle: You can cuddle while reading stories, watching a video, just talking or before bedtime, but these little times really create a special bond and attachment between parent and child.
  4. Sing songs: Sing meaningful songs and silly songs; whether or not you believe you can sing, just sing.
  5. Tell jokes: Use humour when dealing with your children. Do not make fun of them or encourage them to make fun of others but just simple clean fun with your children helps you laugh more together, bond and helps them develop a sense of humour as well.
  6. Teach your child a new skill : For example how to make a kite or prepare their favourite meal (Make a mess together then clean it up together).
  7. Go on adventures/ excursions: This can be a backyard adventure investigating the natural life or going to the zoo, park, camping, sight seeing or the beach, whatever your child enjoys.
  8. Write notes: For example you can drop a little note in their lunch bag or paste one onto their bathroom mirror just to tell them that you love them and how much of a blessing they have been in your life.
  9. Go Shopping: Who doesn’t like shopping? You can go window shopping or real shopping but this is an excellent opportunity to learn your child’s likes and dislikes and also to teach them about money management.
  10. Volunteer: Deliberately seek out opportunities as a family to reach out to others in less fortunate positions. Let’s create a gentler and more benevolent future starting with our children. For example, you can find a senior nearby who lives alone and volunteer to help them with household chores.

Have fun and share in the comments section how any of these activities have helped your relationship with your child or any you would like to try.

Love and Blessings



  1. Anjellica and Kristen

    Thank you for sharing those lovely tips on bonding with your family. My family and I will surely practice some of these. Blessings

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